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3 Approaches to Getting a Start-Up Job as a Business School Student


The following is an excerpt from the Top Ten MBA chapter of our insider's guide

1. Starting with a Geographic Focus

Most people start their internship search with a geographic focus. The best place for you to concentrate your efforts is the area surrounding your school.

I applied to a Silicon Valley start-up, so my Chicago Booth network wasn’t nearly as important as my Stanford undergrad network. Applying for a position in an area far from your school will always be at least somewhat more difficult than focusing nearby.

A lot of my friends at Chicago Booth were able to land internships at start-up companies significantly earlier than I was able to land my Silicon Valley internship. That’s because their local network is so powerful.

Your business school will also give you access to a lot of companies who recruit students on-campus.

Personally, I find that truly exciting internship opportunities don’t come to you. You have to seek them out.

2. Finding Startups Through Investors

It is a venture capital firm’s job to know the details of new companies and whether they have potential.

If you have any contacts with any investors, you should be able to find people who can refer you to different notable startups. A lot of people I know were introduced to their companies through investors like Angel Investors or Venture Capital Investors.

3. Student Groups

Your business school, even your undergrad school, should have a different student groups dedicated to different business fields. There should be a high tech student group, a venture capital student group, an entrepreneurship group, and other useful business groups.

You can often find job listings compiled by your student group, which can give you a lot of good leads in terms of locating a great startup company.

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